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What is PDF+?


The PDF+ format is a file format offered by Éditions de l'Envolée at no additional cost which allows the user not only to display the content to an interactive whiteboard (IWB), but also to write answers directly in the document. The user can also save data and print the filled document.1
PDF Plus
A completed PDF+ file

PDF+ can not only be used in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard (IWB) or a computer but also on digital tablets. An interesting feature for classrooms equipped with Ipads and other tablets. It allows teachers to email the homeworks to their students for them to complete on a computer or tablet. Once the homework is completed, the student can save his data and email it back to the teacher! How simple!
Possible use of a PDF+ file
Another advantage for PDF+ : the file natively supports TTS (text-to-speech) for specialized software such as WordQ and many others. Finally, PDF+ can be printed like any other PDF file, without any additionnal cost!
1 Saving form data is supported by Adobe Reader XI and later, PC and MAC