Tête à surprises
  • Dramatic Art, Music 5th and 6th Grades
Les comptines des sons 2
  • French 1st and 2nd Grades
Réchauffements orchestraux
  • Music 4th to 6th Grade
La Rome antique, version allégée
  • French 5th and 6th Grades
Liane et les mondes cachés
  • French 4th to 6th Grade
Enjoying Reading One Paragraph at a Time 3
  • English Second Language 5th and 6th Grades
Un monde qui me ressemble 3
  • Ethics and Religious Culture 5th and 6th Grades
Ton défi : parler français !
  • French, French Immersion, French Second Language 5th and 6th Grades
Un peu de tout Suppléance 1
  • French, Mathematics, Sciences and Technology, Social Studies 1st Grade

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