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In 1992, Éditions « À Reproduire » embarked on an educational mission, that of facilitating learning in all elementary and secondary school subjects, providing teachers with complementary low-cost pedagogical material that is printable.

Éditions de l’Envolée began in 1995 with the arrival of primers books and games. Since then, in order to reach a broader and more diversified clientele, we have added digital documents, IWB and tablet applications and online reading activities.


There is no age limit to learning! From the little child who swipes a finger across a tablet to the grandparent who assists the child in learning to read, the student who has difficulties, the self-taught adult, the newcomer who wishes to learn English, as well as teachers. Éditions de l’Envolée can assist them all in their learning process.


The educational material that has made our reputation for over 20 years is developed by teachers or early childhood and youth educators who have piloted the activities with students. We have a qualified team of project managers, programmers, graphic designers, illustrators and revisers-proofreaders who ensure the excellence of our products, making sure that each product is appropriate to the target clientele and is attractive and readable.


The documents of Éditions de l’Envolée do not replace the basic material authorized by the MEES; rather, they complete it by targeting specific, temporary needs. The easy-to-use documents – most of which have an answer key – encourage student autonomy. The majority of the printable documents are available in PDF or PDF+ format so that the students can write on them.

Literacy collections are also available in addition to our exercise documents. Our collection Du Plaisir à lire was designed with beginner and intermediate readers in mind. It is illustrated and written by Québec authors. Our Collection Être enables young readers to develop phonological awareness. The Collection Éveil aux contes initiates children to the wonderful world of magic. Several other collections are available: Trois pas, Info contes, Contes intemporels, Choisir, Imagimondes and Qu’est-ce qui?

Our collection Lecture à la carte comprises several decks of reading comprehension cards to be played orally. Some of these focus on inference, identification of keywords, main ideas and reading strategies. Our collections Math à la carte and Ma boîte de stratégies : Résolution de problèmes are tools for math teaching that enable students to use logic and mathematical reasoning in varied problems.

Additionally, our collection Projet Théâtre comprises several plays written by Québec authors. Lastly, many music education resources are available. They come from all over the world: Canada, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Other learning tools designed or adapted by Éditions de l’Envolée include applications for IWB and for digital tablet. They cover varied subjects, are adaptable to different digital supports and are easy to use.


Our catalogues and leaflets presenting new products are regularly sent to all francophone elementary and high schools in Canada, and are also available on our Web site. (Our catalogues and leaflets presenting new products are available on our Internet site.) Éditions de l’Envolée also has a page on both Facebook and Twitter. On our Web site it is possible to view samples of each document as well as excerpts of our applications for IWB.


We are very proud of our company’s reputation built on the courtesy of our employees and the rapidity of our delivery service. Clients can consult our products available in our boutiques in Lévis and Montréal. Orders can be placed in our boutiques and by phone, Internet or fax.